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Specalizing in the Benton, De Soto Parish, and Shreveport, LA

Hugh has been in the insurance business for over 30 years. Professional service as a bail bondsman in Benton, LA is the name of the game to make their customers happy and it has always generated many referrals to help the business. Being compassionate at a very difficult time is what they strive for in helping people bond these loved ones out of jail from bonds tat include DUI bail bonds, DWI bail bonds. domestic violence bail bonds, and drug possession bail bonds. At Hugh Knotts Bail Bonds, they would like to thank their loyal customers that know they can count on them with a fast and quick phone call. Dawn and Hugh always strive to do everything in their power to help each and everyone that calls their office in the Benton, De Soto Parish, and Shreveport, LA.